Ayuso Says That His New Regulations For The ESO Curriculum

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, declared this Tuesday in Tielmes that the new regulations that the Governing Council will approve tomorrow on the ESO curriculum “will guarantee that there are no barriers and equal opportunities for all”.

He said that his intention is “to recover the numerical grades that the Government wants to lose and the subject of philosophy so that it continues in 4th year of ESO as an elective.” In his opinion, “there must be certain limits of suspense so that the kids and students who have to continue making an effort, then do so.” He also pointed out that “for us the content in history is very important and its chronology.”

In addition, he added, “it is evident that mathematics from a gender perspective contributes very little”. allow their children and young people to achieve all the goals in the future”. He said that this “will allow there to be no barriers and really be a Government that guarantees equalityof opportunities for all.

We believe that life is not easy, that nobody gives you anything for free and that, for all of this, we want the new generations to be well prepared, well trained in the face of difficulties, adversity”. He defended a “public education that has the grades, that recognizes the effort, that helps those who are left behind because each teacher knows exactly how the students are doing, that rewards those who make the most effort and those who go the furthest”.

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