The New iMac Pro And M3 iMac Could Be Apple’s Projects For 2023

While most of Apple fans’ eyes are on the launch of the M2 processor, the company already has its sights set on the future and is reportedly working on a new iMac Pro alongside the upcoming M3 chip.

The Apple Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) will be held this year virtually between June 6 and 10, in it, as in every year, the company presents its latest products and developed technology.

Among the most anticipated news are the watchOS 9 operating system, new Macs, and the new M2 processors that will accompany these laptops. And although they haven’t launched yet, rumor has it that the company is already working to present the M3 version of the processor chip for next year .

It has been in the newsletter “Power One” of the well-known expert on technological issues, Mark Gurman, where it has been commented that the M3 chip was already in the manufacturing process and testing has already begun in some device. And although the vast majority of the details of this processor are unknown, it is expected to hit the market by 2023.

In the same place, Gurman himself has reaffirmed that the iMac Pro will arrive at some point, although this moment will not be soon, despite the fact that this high-performance version of the Mac was rumored to arrive by 2022 with a mini LED backlit screen.

Regarding the M2 processors, it has been learned that, as happened with the M1 version, the Korean company and Apple’s main competitor, Samsung is helping them design and produce these chips, who knows if they have also been involved in the process of the M3s. It is expected that we can find the M2 chips in the next MacBook Air, user-grade MacBook Pro and the Mac Mini.

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