Extremadura Avante Expands Its Accompaniment In Business Foreign Trade

Extremadura Avante, dependent on the Ministry of Economy, Science and Digital Agenda, has announced 20 places to carry out foreign trade internships in exporting companies in the region within the Formacoex plus Extremadura 2022 training program.

Interested students will be able to learn first-hand the challenges of a key driver of the business fabric of Extremadura, the internationalization of its companies, a commitment to the present and future since in 2021 all expectations in terms of volume of exports were exceeded , reaching higher figures to 2,300 million euros, being demanding at this time of qualified personnel.

According to the Official Gazette of Extremadura, in last Thursday’s edition, with the publication of the call for aid, those interested in taking Formacoex plus internships must have completed undergraduate studies or higher professional training, be unemployed and have previous studies in international trade. At the end of the registration period, a series of selective tests will be carried out to determine the candidates who are finally beneficiaries of the available places.

The selected students will be beneficiaries of a monthly scholarship and, during the internship period in companies, they will enjoy complementary training and tutoring, which will guarantee their knowledge and learning in foreign trade.

There are already more than 500 foreign trade technicians who have passed through this program, whose success lies in the degree of employability achieved, as a result of the profile of the participants and the close monitoring that is carried out on them during their training period.

The registration period is open until May 6, 2022. For more information and registration: www.extremaduraavante.es

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